You need to watch Amber Heard's PSA on domestic violence

Heartbreaking, honest and brilliant

Amber Heard
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Heartbreaking, honest and brilliant

After the Johnny Depp Amber Heard divorce news, the pair released a joint statement describing their relationship as 'at times volatile, but always bound by love.' Amber Heard made claims that Johnny Depp, 53, was verbally and physically abusive and she went on to file for a domestic violence restraining order against him. After months of ugly back and forth accusations and arguments, the couple eventually settled their divorce back in August, and Johnny paid Amber approximately $7 million.

Having been accused of having her own financial interests at heart of her accusations, Amber went on to donate her entire divorce settlement to two charities, giving half to domestic abuse charity, the American Civil Liberties Union, and half to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Amber announced, 'Money played no role for me personally and never has, except to the extent that I could donate it to charity and, in doing so, hopefully help those less able to defend themselves. As reported in the media, the amount received in the divorce was $7m and $7m is being donated. This is over and above any funds that I have given away in the past and will continue to give away in the future.'

Now, she's released a video encouraging women to speak up about their own experiences of domestic violence and the actress is finally receiving the recognition she deserves for flagging up an important issue. The 30-year-old actress begins the clip by saying, 'how is this happening to me? I’m strong. I’m smart. I’m not a victim. There is a lot of shame attached to that label of victim. It happens to so many women. When it happens to you behind closed doors, with someone you love, it’s not that straightforward. If a stranger did this … it would be a no-brainer. If I hadn’t had a few people that I really trust around me, a few women … if I didn’t have them around me, how different my life would’ve been.'

Amber goes on to challenge how the issue is seen in modern culture: 'It is also about how we deal with it and how we talk about it in media culture. We need to take responsibility for how we talk about these things. Your voice is the most powerful thing.'

Watch the full clip below...

Hear, hear, Amber.

Delphine Chui