Robert De Niro’s company is suing a former employee for binge-watching Friends at work

Wait, what?

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Wait, what?

After ten years of being there for us, Friends left our screens in 2004 – leaving a Central Perk shaped hole in our hearts – and we’re still not over it. Yes it may have been 15 years since Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Joey made their last appearances but it still feels like it was just yesterday.

And while we do quote our favourite six in the office as well as in our own homes, we do draw the line at binge-watching Friends episodes at our desks, something that has caused a former employee of Robert De Niro’s company to come under fire.

The actor’s Canal Productions has reportedly filed a $6 million lawsuit against one of their ex employees, Chase Robinson, and according to Variety, one of the reasons is for binge-watching Friends in company time.

Yes, the lawsuit reportedly alleged that she binge-watched Netflix, reportedly watching 55 episodes of Friends in four days, and 20 episodes of Arrested Development and 10 episodes of Schitt’s Creek in a separate four days.

‘Watching shows on Netflix was not in any way part of or related to the duties and responsibilities of Robinson’s employment and, on information and belief, was done for her personal entertainment, amusement and pleasure at times when she was being paid to work,’ the suit alleges.

There are however other reasons for the lawsuit, with Variety reporting that the lawsuit also accuses the former assistant turned Vice President of production and finance of embezzling money.

According to the lawsuit, filed in New York state court over the weekend, Robinson - who is reported to have had a six figure salary - racked up significant hotel, restaurant and travel costs on her company card. And according to The New York Post, her expenses far surpassed necessities, reportedly including a Louis Vuitton bag, dog sitters and a $1,311 flower arrangement for her birthday.

It has also been reported that Robinson allegedly transferred 5 million frequent flyer miles from Robert De Niro’s account to her own for her holidays.

Chase Robinson reportedly resigned from the company in April this year, with the lawsuit alleging that she drafted her own recommendation letter from the company, something Robert De Niro is said to have refused to sign.

Robert De Niro has not yet made a comment.

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