Has Harry and Meghan's PDA inspired this change in Will and Kate?

Who knew chemistry could be so contagious?

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Who knew chemistry could be so contagious?

There’s no denying that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make a particularly cute couple.

We’ve all seen the pics from their tour of New Zealand - him giving her his jacket to wear as they walked through Redwoods Tree Walk, and her shielding him from the rain as he made a speech by holding up the umbrella for him!


It seems that they can’t actually make a public appearance together without being caught lovingly gazing into one another’s eyes or engaging in some form of PDA.

Although it’s not exactly orthodox behaviour for members of the royal family to be so affectionate in public, Harry and Meghan are putting their own refreshing stamp on the public’s perception of our royal couples, and it seems that this behaviour is starting to rub off on Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Body language expert Judi James has said that Meghan’s own 'tactile behaviour with Harry' seems to have had a 'profound "echo" effect on William and Kate’s rituals'.

We noticed this over the weekend when Kate and William attended a Remembrance Day service at Westminster Abbey, where he lovingly put his hand on Kate’s back.

A few days before this, Kate was pictured resting her hand on Will’s knee during a visit to Coach Core in Essex.

Not to mention when they were also caught holding hands inside St. Georges Chapel at Princess Eugenie’s wedding last month.

Which. Just. Looked. So. Cute.

Is it true that Harry and Meghan’s behaviour is the cause of this surge of PDA from the normally quite demure Will and Kate?

Whatever the reason, they’re all looking so happy and we want to see more!!! Spread the luv.

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