Here’s why Love Island contestants are not impressed with the plus size backlash

Love Island

It’s that time of the year again. The evenings are getting longer, our wardrobes are getting more colourful and summer TV is getting closer. Yes, we’re obviously talking about Love Island 2019, with series 5 launching on 3 June.

Ahead of the launch, 2019’s contestants were revealed this week, and as always they got mixed reviews.

From exes of former Love Island stars (Lucie Donlan dated last year’s Charlie) to famous siblings (Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy and AJ Prichard’s brother Curtis), this year’s line up seems to have everything.

But one contestant in particular that has become a talking point is Anna Vakili, a 28-year-old pharmacist.

Anna Vakili

When the photos emerged of the line up, the internet quickly assumed that Anna was Love Island’s plus size offering, having been criticised in the past for not showing enough body diversity.

‘The producers of Love Island think this slim woman counts as their new token “plus size” contestant? Are they drunk?’ posted Jameela Jamil to her Twitter.

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The internet was awash with complaints about the casting, with viewers disappointed that curvy, normal-sized women were not being represented.

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Former Love Island contestant Kady McDermott however was quick to clap back at the online reactions, posting: ‘Who even said she was the plus size contestant? Maybe we shouldn’t be labelling women as anything and just letting them be who they are. Skinny/ slim/ curvy/ obese who cares.’

Love Island 2019 is set to launch on Monday 3 June.

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