Everyone's now wondering where Donald Trump's six remaining horcruxes are

The hair? The golden 'T' of Trump tower? Chris Christie?

How Donald Trump could still win
How Donald Trump could still win
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The hair? The golden 'T' of Trump tower? Chris Christie?

In further proof that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter can be applied to pretty much any scenario, the internet has decided that Donald Trump's destroyed Hollywood star is, in fact, a horcrux. After all, why else would James Otis seek to destroy it?

The star has been destroyed, but where are Trump's other horcruxes?

The star has been destroyed, but where are Donald Trump's six remaining horcruxes?
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A quick initiation for those of you not familiar with J.K Rowling's work: a horcrux is made when a person splits their soul into pieces by committing an act of extreme evil. In the Harry Potter novels, this 'dark' magic is committed by Potter's nemesis Lord Voldemort, who splits his soul into seven pieces to make himself harder to kill.

In the books, horcruxes 'live' in objects or beings of significance to the person creating them. In Voldemort's case this includes his pet snake Nagini, a family ring and a locket belonging to Salazar Slytherin (he's the founder of - never mind).

The point is: if Donald Trump was going to create a horcrux, one of them would DEFINITELY be his Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

It's unclear who suggested the Trump star was a horcrux first, but the subject is now being debated everywhere (including here, here and here).

So what and where are Donald Trump's six other horcruxes? Can we gather any clues from these Donald Trump quotes? And does anyone know where we can get hold of a basilisk fang?

The hair (or 'the haircrux')

Why: A horcrux is normally hidden in an object separate from the body of the maker. Donald Trump's hair would therefore qualify.

Obama's birth certificate

Why: Voldemort hunted down objects of great significance to turn into horcruxes. No-one has been more obsessed with finding Obama's 'real' birth certificate than Donald Trump. Now we know the chilling reason why.

Trump's tax returns

Why: Because several of Voldemort's horcruxes were highly mysterious objects hidden from public view.

The golden 'T' of Trump Tower

Why: Horcruxes can often be symbols of power.

Chris Christie

Why: One of Voldemort's horcruxes is his snake Nagini, who goes with him everywhere and does his bidding without question. Trump doesn't seem to be much of a pet man, so fears are mounting for his GOP supporter Chris Christie.

Hillary Clinton

Why: In the books Voldemort's nemesis Harry Potter is the final horcrux. On this basis Clinton would be Trump's - the accidental result of his 'nasty woman' curse backfiring. If true, it does mean the only way to destroy all of Trump's horcruxes would be for Hillary to die and come back from the dead. Not ideal. Anyone know where that Philosopher's Stone got to?

The Mexico Wall

Why: Arguably the seventh and final horcrux has not yet been created. Is it the Mexico Wall Trump keeps threatening to build? The final confirmation of his absolute power?


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