7 Reasons Why We’re Still Girl Crushing On Julia Stiles

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  • Remember the days of 10 Things I Hate About You and Save The Last Dance? They were happy days, indeed. Now, Julia Stiles is back, and playing a single mum with a secret life as a prostitute in hit US TV drama Blue. And she hasn't changed a bit...

    1. She starts dancing the minute she wakes up.

    ‘I call it my private dance party – I make a playlist that’s half an hour long and first thing in the morning I just dance around my living room. It’s my favourite thing to do because you start the day in such a fun way. I highly recommend it.’

    2. She worries about how she looks.

    ‘I’m still very shy and self-conscious when I’m filming sex scenes, especially as time goes on. I get so nervous but luckily the costume designer on Blue is one of my best friends!’

    3. She can’t be bothered with kinky underwear.

    ‘It’s all so complicated and the garters are so much work to get off! In some ways it’s a confidence booster to wear nice underwear, but I feel like a lot of guys find daytime clothes more attractive. I don’t know, I don’t understand men.’

    4. She loves us too.

    ‘I love British TV, so many good shows come out of this country! I really enjoy Sherlock and Luther. I liked Secret Diary of A Call Girl too, it’s a more light and humorous version of Blue.’

    5. She sees the funny side of life.

    ‘People frequently recognise me for movies I’m not even in, which is hilarious. The other day one poor guy asked me if I was Jason Lee, who is a male actor I did a film with many years ago. Maybe he Googled me and didn’t realise Jason is a man’s name, I get all sorts of things like that.’

    6. She’s not worried about ageing.

    ‘My roles are changing as I get older but for the better. I’m maturing as a person and as an actress, and that’s exciting.’

    7. Her new show is amazing.

    Check it out on Lifetime UK, starting 2nd March at 10pm.

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