16 Gratuitous Pictures Of Sportsmen Because, Well, Why Not?

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  • Becoming a world-famous athlete takes a serious amount of hard work and skill, and more often than not results in a pretty perfect bod. In case you hadn't noticed...

    1. David Beckham

    Proud dad, loving husband and successful footballer. Oh, and he likes a clean home and looks great in his undies. Need we say anymore? H&M, please launch this as a wallpaper in your home range. Many thanks.

    2. Ben Foden

    England fullback Ben Foden is a fine specimen of a rugby player. Look how sexy he is peeking from behind a wall in a 2011 photo call. Yum. He’s otherwise known as Mrs Una Healy – the 28-year-old is married to the The Saturdays singer and they have a 18-month-old daughter together.

    3. Sir Ben Ainslie

    Loveable Brit Ben stole our hearts when he raced to victory during the London 2012 Olympics. In fact, he’s won gold medals at the last four Olympic games. The 36-year-old has recently been teaching Pippa Middleton to sail and is now dating sports presenter Georgie Thompson (we’re in the wrong job, clearly).

    4. Thierry Henry

    We just long for this French footballer to utter those three little words to us… VA. VA. VOOM.

    5. Cristiano Ronaldo

    It’s just so hard being this hot.

    6. Louis Smith

    He rose to fame during the London 2012 Olympics, then stole our hearts again on Strictly Come Dancing. Such a sweetheart. And looks good in lycra.

    7. Jenson Button

    Oh, hello gorgeous. Jenson Button makes Sunday Grand Prix viewing that little bit more bearable. Oh how excited we get when he takes his helmet off…

    8. Mark Webber

    Speaking of Formula 1 racing, have you met Mark Webber? The 37-year-old dreamboat and Red Bull racing driver hails from Australia and now lives in Buckinghamshire with his partner and son. Witness the fitness…

    9. Tom Brady

    When Tom isn’t hanging off his 5ft10 beauty of a wife, Gisele, the Amercian sportsman is playing quarterback for the New England Patriots. Gisele is one lucky, lucky lady.

    10. David Oliver

    31-year-old David is an Amercian hurdling athlete. We can’t take our eyes off his arms. Perfect for cosying into on cold winter nights.

    11. Thom Evans

    Excuse the ladyfriends, but let’s just take a moment to admire one of rugby’s finest, Thom Evans, shall we? The former boyfriend of Kelly Brook and former Scotland rugby union player is everything we love about the sport.

    12. Xabi Alfonso

    This Spanish footballer can teach us about the offside rule any time. We’re all ears.

    13. Ryan Lochte

    Anyone who hangs out in a hot tub with Prince Harry is pretty cool in our books. Oh, and the 29-year-old swimmer has also won ELEVEN Olympic medals. 6ft 2, delicious and talented.

    14. Nathan Adrian

    Lochte’s American teammate, Nathan Adrian, also gets our hearts beating that much quicker. Why? One word: arms.

    15. Rafael Nadal

    Tennis can get preeeeetty intense at times. So thank goodness we have the likes of Nadal to take our minds of the score.

    16. Kelly Slater

    Sorry, where were we? We’re totally lost in the ocean that is Kelly Slater’s eyes. The pro surfer from Florida has turned us into giggling wrecks and we’re only looking at his picture. He’s 41, 5ft 9 and everything we love about the beach. Mmm.

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