We've fallen for Aussie Simon Baker just a little bit

Remember the bad boy in the Devil Wears Prada that Andy almost fell for?

Remember the bad boy in the Devil Wears Prada that Andy almost fell for?

Whether you remember him as the guy Andy almost fell for in the Devil Wears Prada or Patrick Jane in the Mentalist (seven years of absolute chivalry), the vote is unanimous: we’re a fan of the Aussie swoon that is Simon Baker.

This is the fourth season that Simon Baker has been giving us #boyfriendgoals thanks to those Givenchy perfume ads that make us melt just a little bit. We caught up with him ahead of the Gentlemen Only Absolute launch…

Do you think the qualities of a gentleman are universal?

“Yes, I think they are. Willingness to be courteous is the essence of a gentleman for me. Some people think it’s old fashioned and outdated – I don’t.” Ok, so chivalry really isn’t dead…

The Gentlemen Only Absolute campaign was shot in Paris. What do you love most about the city?

“I just enjoy walking around the city. I’m drawn to classic Parisian restaurants. Notre Dame at night, when it’s all lit up, is so incredibly beautiful.”

What does the new scent Gentlemen Only Absolute smell like? Is it your favourite from the Givenchy stable?

“Gentlemen Only Absolute has a very earthy scent. I also particularly like Gentlemen Only Casual Chic, which is more vibrant. Two great scents for different moods, and also ones that complement each other so well at the same time.” Thanks Simon, that’s our Christmas shopping taken care of …

We couldn’t leave without finding out when we’re going to be seeing him on screen next. Turns out, Simon has just finished directing his first film Breath, based on Tim Winton’s bestseller. “I spent most of the year working on it. I have given it all my energy,” he told us. “It’s about personal identity and the decisions we make that define who we are. Taking on this challenge has affected my approach to life in a very good way.”

Inspiring stuff. I don’t know about you - but we’ll certainly be binge watching The Mentalist or digging out the Devil Wears Prada DVD tonight.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Absolute, £71 for 100ml is available now.