Wanderlust: take an olfactive journey of the world's most beautiful destinations with Bvlgari

BRB, just taking a trip around Italy

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The transportive quality of scent is undoubtedly a powerful tool to harness. And Bvlgari, a brand steeped in rich Italian culture has truly managed to do so.

When you think of Bvlgari, you think of luxury. Jewels to be precise. The tiara that Audrey Hepburn wore. Elizabeth Taylor dripping in the most exquisite gems both on and off-screen (the Bvlgari ‘Serpenti’ in Cleopatra and sparkling emerald and diamond pieces come to mind). It also often peppers every red carpet: Bella Hadid at Cannes, Naomi Watts in the exquisite ‘Four Seasons’ necklace (32 carats, should you care) at the Oscars, or Zendaya at Venice Film Festival most recently. Co-incidentally, many of these jewels loved by Hollywood and Royalty, including pieces that are part of Bvlgari’s history can be viewed in all their splendour at the Via Condotti 10 store moments from the Spanish steps in Rome. Housed in the original Chestnut wooden frames in this listed building (built-in 1905), it really makes quite the experience. 

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But we’re here to talk about perfume. In short, the Bvlgari perfume offering is a true masterpiece. A luxurious collection that not only smells good but looks good too. The scents are uplifting, bold and there’s something for everyone. But even better, they are mostly inspired by destinations all over Italy. So spritz away and be transported. 

Where: Tuscany How to get there: Man Terrae Essence

Fragrance Family: Woody Vetiver

What’s in it:

Top: Citron essence, calamanzi accord. Heart: Vetiver essence duo, orris concrete Base: Terrae accord, styrax essence

How long does it last? 5/5

What does it smell like?

This is not just attaching a random destination to a fragrance and hoping for the best, there is serious thought that goes into this. ManTerrae Essence, the latest fragrance in a stellar lineup, took three years to make. 

It started with an image of the beautiful Tuscan land. The mission: to recreate the roots of this beautiful country. “We wanted to express the fertility and the richness of the earth around us”, says the inimitable Alberto Morillas, the nose for Man Terrae Essence. He also wanted this to be a modern interpretation of a vetiver and subvert the idea of a masculine scent with the addition of flowers. The culmination of exploring thousands of ingredients that truly encapsulate the region is a bright, zesty fragrance bubbling with energy and life. 

This is a fragrance that mimics the land it was inspired by: the roots at the base, the flowers in the heart, and the fruits at the top. Vetiver and orris root (directly from the region and one of the most expensive ingredients in perfumery) was essential to recreate this and ground the scent. The addition of calamante (a small orange) delivers a dose of zesty green notes - notes that are found all throughout the Tuscan air. Any concerns of it being too citrus are quashed with the addition of styrax - for its leather quality - and woods that scream Italy. 

Morillas says, ‘People love to smell perfume for hours’, so it’s no surprise then that MTE has an impressive sillage (the degree to which a fragrance projects and lasts) - it lasts for hours and leaves the faintest hint of luxury in its wake. 

It doesn't stop there. Even the flacon, with its amber and brown hues, mimics the Tuscan soil. And, the decorative and sculptural logo and cap hark back to the brand's Jewelry roots. 

Buy Now: Bvlgari, Man Terrae Essence, £66.50 for 60ml | John Lewis

Where: Italian Riviera

How: Allegra Riva Solare

Fragrance Family: Citrus Floral. 

What’s in it:

Top: Calabrian bergamot Heart: Osmanthus, orange blossom, mandarin orangeBase: Musk

How long does it last? 4/5

What does it smell like?

“Riva Solaire is the endless Italian holiday”, says Jacques Cavallier. 

It’s as if you’re standing right there, salty, at the water's edge with the sun beating down. Bright citrus notes from the breeze float across, whilst floral orange blossom and neroli cocoon you in a sense of love. Even the golden and blue glass of the flacon represents the sun and the glistening sea. Seriously fresh and bright. 

Buy Now: Bvlgari, Allegra Riva Solare, £200 | Bvlgari

Where: Venice How: Allegra Fantasia Veneta

Fragrance Family: Fruity Chypre

What’s in it: 

Top: Red peachHeart: Patchouli leafBase: Vanilla

How long does it last? 4/5

What does it smell like?

If you’re a fan of out there fragrance, this is the one for you, “It is all the Italian sophistication in a perfume” says Jacques Cavallier. It’s all about opulence, fun, and zest for life, so expect a fragrance that bursts with notes of patchouli, peach and sensuous vanilla. Seriously sexy and addictive. 

Buy now: Bvlgari, Allegra Fantasia Veneta, £200 | Bvlgari

Where: Rome How: Allegra Rock N Rome

Fragrance Family: Amber Floral. 

What’s in it:

Top: ApricotHeart: Osmanthus, spices Base: Benzoin, wood

How long does it last? 5/5 

What does it smell like?

One for lovers of spice - and lovers in general. Cavallier says this is the embodiment of “the emotion of a Rendez-Vous in Rome” and it doesn’t disappoint. Whether it’s the change in the day from the beating heat of the sun to the warm stillness of nighttime, the colours that dance around buildings (oranges and pink from the impressive sunsets - just like the bottle), or everyone’s favorite Italian cocktail, Allegra Rock N Roll is bold, sweet and enigmatic. With the fizzing effervescent of apricot, mysterious qualities of spice and brooding notes of wood this is a real head-turner. Seriously intoxicating. 

Buy now: Bvlgari, Allegra Rock N Rome, £200 | Bvlgari

Where: Italian Alps How: Man Glacial Essence

Fragrance Family: Woody Fougere. 

What’s in it:Top: Juniper berry essence, ginger extract, geranium essenceHeart: Australian sandalwood essence, orris concrete, artemisia essenceBase: Cedarwood alaska essence, clearwood(c) accord, musk accord

How long does it last? 4/5

What does it smell like?

Created to capture the essence of air, “the intangible blast of freshness that inspires us to greatness”, says Bvlgari. And IMHO that’s spot on. The icy cool fragrance is uplifting with fresh notes of juniper and ginger and the green of geranium cuts through any heaviness from the sandalwood all whilst neatly wrapped up in a humming musk. Seriously fresh. 

Buy Now: Bvlgari, Man Glacial Essence, £67 for 60ml | Selfridges

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