Veiled French woman charged with inciting riot

A French muslim woman was arrested after assualting police in Lille

An 18-year-old has been charged with inciting riot and assault in Lille.

According to a police source, the French Muslim teen refused a police identification check while wearing a full-face veil.

When police officers tried to take her to the station she is believed to have started biting and scratching them and screaming.

This followers a similar incident two weeks ago where three police officers in Marseille were injured after stopping a woman wearing Islamic dress.

Wearing the niqab and burka has been banned in France since 2011.

Since then there have been 91 incidents of women in niqabs being stopped by police in Paris, and nine out of the capital.

The women are fined the equivalent of £150 if caught.

There have also been protests by muslim women against the controversial law.


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