#NotMyJob: help us call out workplace sexism and change the law

Time to cut the BS. Help us call out workplace sexism and change the law

This International Women’s Day, as part of Marie Claire’s 30th birthday year, we’re proud to announce our most important campaign to date #NotMyJob.

Since our first issue went to press back in 1988, Marie Claire has been at the heart of the biggest global issues facing women of all backgrounds. But there is still so much more work to be done. If there is one thing that the past year has shown us it’s that sexual harassment and discrimination are rife in every industry, from entertainment to politics. As a result, millions of women never fulfil their potential at work.

That’s why we’re calling on you to join us today to share your experiences of discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment at work. #NotMyJob is about saying it’s not any woman’s job to have to do the same work as a man and be paid less for it; that it’s not any woman’s job to flirt with the boss or worse to get ahead at work. And it’s not any woman’s job to face pregnancy discrimination or be penalised for choosing motherhood alongside her career.

So, starting this International Women’s Day and running throughout the year, in association with The Fawcett Society (the leading charity for women’s rights at work) we’re working to protect our hard-won workplace rights in the face of Brexit. On top of this, we’re fighting for long-term legislative change to safeguard our rights for future generations. To make your voice heard and change words in to action, sign the petition.

We’ve also partnered with legal firm Judge Sykes Frixou, to provide a hub on our website with legal resources and simple straightforward advice if you have been affected.

Please join us on Instagram and Twitter at @marieclaireuk where we’ve teamed up with illustrator Laura Quick to flip the finger at workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination. And call out your own examples of daily aggressions in the workplace, from being talked over in a meeting, to downright illegal discrimination, using the hashtag #NotMyJob.

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