Why period sex is actually great

'I love having sex on my period'

Words – Stina Sanders

I love having sex on my period.

Although it hasn’t always been that way. In fact, the thought of period sex used to make my stomach churn. I guess it was the idea that I didn’t like – you know – bleeding out of your vagina whilst painting your partner’s penis at the same time.

My repulsion came to an end when my period started whilst doing doggy with my boyfriend. Surprisingly it wasn’t as disgusting as I had initially thought. Although I won’t go into detail of what my bed sheets looked like afterwards. Let’s just say, blood stains…

Since that day, I’ve been a big fan of parting the red sea. Although this does seem to cause a divided opinion when I bring the subject up amongst friends. Most have done it, some love it and a fair few would never do it. Either way, I bloody love it.

(That pun was intended.)

For those who fear a heavy dry cleaning bill or body fluid; period sex has been proven to have a lot of health benefits. Studies have found that getting frisky during menstruation helps to reduce period pain, mood swings and low energy. Plus, period sex can lead to stronger orgasms and an increase in arousal.

Seriously, what’s not to like about that?

For me, period sex is intense and very intimate. It feels much better than normal sex. I guess that’s because everything is extra sensitive down there. Not to mention, perfectly lubricated (need I say more…)

As well as the sensation, period sex makes me feel empowered. There is a stigma around menstruation, that it’s dirty and gross, but it honestly isn’t. It’s just a natural process that happens once a month, and I salute any woman (or man) who openly talks about embracing it.

Of course, having sex on your period is entirely your choice. And if for any reason your head/heart/vagina doesn’t want to do it – then don’t. However, those who are considering riding the waves of the crimson tide, my only advice to you is please for the love of god, put a towel down.

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