Can you correctly spell these commonly misspelled words?

Just how good are your spelling skills?

Even those of us with the best spelling skills have the odd word or two that completely throws us off our game. You know, the one that try as you might just doesn’t look right however you write it.

In 2010, The Telegraph published a list of the most commonly misspelled words in the English language. Research found that these were the ones that caught people out the most, usually due to double letters or a confusing vowel or two.

Words such as ‘manoeuvre’  (three vowels in a row? Seriously?) ‘occurrence’, ‘consensus’ and ‘referred’ all feature on the list (but not in our quiz, so don’t think you’ve been given a head start).

We’ve put together this tricky quiz combining some of the most commonly misspelt words, as well as a few extras we consider particularly difficult.

Think you can ace it? We defy you not to be caught out by at least one of these words.

No cheating by checking the original list, now.

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