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What are the benefits of going sans sulphates?

Using the best sulphate free shampoo will change your life, and your hair, forever. These shampoo formulas are much more gentle on the hair and so don’t strip away its natural moisture, meaning they’re particularly good for those whose hair is already prone to dryness.

So who are sulphate free shampoos appropriate for? The good news is that switching to a formula with no sulphates or parabens is fine for just about any hair type. It’s also much better for the environment so you can rest easy knowing your haircare isn’t damaging our planet.

Find out which sulphate free formula is best for your hair type below.

Best sulphate free shampoo for curly hair

When it comes to taking care of curly hair, you want something that’s going to keep the bounce in your locks rather than leaving them limp and lifeless. A sulphate-free formula is therefore a great choice, as it’s a gentle wash for your curls.

Try Marie Claire approved Bumble and Bumble Curl Shampoo. At first glance you may think it’s a little pricey, but even if you have long and thick hair a little goes a long way, so you get some serious bang for your buck here.

Best sulphate free shampoo for dry hair

Sulphate free formulas are without doubt the best choice for dry hair, as it’s sulphates that are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to drying out your precious locks.

As well as being formulated sans sulphates and parabens, Living Proof’s Repair Shampoo is a big injection of hydration for your frazzled locks, so it’s the best choice for dry hair.

Best sulphate free shampoo for fine hair

The big dilemma with fine hair is that you want to keep it hydrated, but many moisture replenishing formulas are just too heavy for your fine hair – you may want to go without conditioner altogether.

Allow us to introduce you to OGX’s Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Shampoo for that injection of moisture that’s perfect for thinner hair. Plus it’s one of the cheaper options when it comes to sulphate free formulas, weighing in at just £6.99 per bottle.

Best sulphate free shampoo for coloured hair

If you colour your hair on the reg, then protecting that colour is naturally your first priority when it comes to haircare. Maria Nila Luminous Colour Shampoo not only intensifies your colour, but the formula is 100% vegan friendly too. Sustainability lover Emma Watson is reportedly a huge fan of the brand’s silver shampoo, so if it’s good enough for her…

Scroll through our round up to find your new favourite sulphate free shampoo. And, if you’re looking for a new conditioner too – why not take this quiz to find the perfect conditioner for your hair type.

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