Introducing the Aussie body scrub we can’t get enough of

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    If, like me, you’ve dabbled and experimented with a few DIY home body scrubs. (From coffee to pumpkins sugar to salt, I’ve given them a good go, much to the disdain of my shower). You’ll know that these home made scrubs often aren’t as easy to make or, as effective to use, as Pinterest makes it seem.

    So, with the new beauty trend emerging you can have the best of both worlds with a safe, vegan-friendly scrub that you don’t have to worry about concocting at home. Enter, Aussie cult beauty brand BodyBlendz.

    A firm favourite of Kim Kardashian, BodyBlendz’s Glacial Dip Body Scrub is created in collaboration with Nicole Williams-English. You can even save 10% on their exfoliating scrub with code ‘NICOLE10’.

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    Crafted from a rich blend of Australian White Clay, Bentonite Clay, and fine Bamboo particles which gently purify and refine skins texture. BodyBlendz‘s Glacial Dip Body Scrub lifts, firms and brightens. Designed in collaboration with Nicole Williams-English and BodyBlendz, the ingredients all work synergistically to soothe inflammation, improve texture, toning the skin – without ever drying.

    Chances are you exfoliate your face on the regular. But, we bet there’s a few of you who neglect to use a great body scrub on a frequent basis. Your body needs just as much TLC as your face does, and skincare routines extend further down than your jawline. Exfoliating your skin brings so many benefits. Regular exfoliation can help to prevent ingrown hairs, reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation, eliminate dry skin on areas like your knees and elbows.

    Infused with plant-derived Saccharide Isomerate to provide long lasting hydration and infused with an uplifting cocktail of scents with hits of Orange, Lime, Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Rose Otto. BodyBlendz‘s Glacial Dip Body Scrub immediately brightens the appearance of skin.

    For best results, start at your toes working your way up your body in circular motions. Not only will this ensure you don’t miss a spot. But it will also help to increase your blood circulation and give you a natural glow.

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