How to get the perfect textured top-knot – A Virtual Beauty Shoot

Bun bounce: up your updo game with this easy-elegant textured bun. Created by the experts at Authentic Beauty Concept, this look will add volume, texture and lift to finer tresses.

Authentic Beauty Concept Amplify

Finding products that volumise fine hair without weighing it down is no easy feat. Finer tresses can become quickly overwhelmed by creamy, tacky formulations – leaving hair looking and feeling flat, limp and lifeless. 

So just how do you add volume, texture and bounce to fine hair, without your products leaving you right back at square one? 

Enter Authentic Beauty Concept’s Amplify range

As with every Authentic Beauty Concept range, all of Amplify’s expertly formulated products are free from silicones and sulfate surfactants – making it a favourite of Marie Claire’s Beauty and Style Director Lisa Oxenham. 

“This range is great if you have really fine, flyaway, limp hair,” Lisa explains. 

Which is why it’s the perfect choice for creating the low maintenance, high-impact second look in our Virtual Beauty Shoot and step by step masterclass in partnership with Authentic Beauty Concept. 

Amplify and volumise fine tresses

Formulated with green tea and lime, not only does Amplify smell amazing – think lime, mandarin and green tea leaves sweetened by fragrant iris and freesia – the range’s weightless products work to detoxify the hair, while adding volume. 

“The green tea works to invigorate and give lift in the root area, giving you that volume that you need; while lime is a great astringent, and will remove any impurities,” says Authentic Beauty Concept Brand Educator with all the product know-how Jerome Wilson. 

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“I would generally use Amplify on someone who needs oomph in their hair,” adds Joseph Ferraro, award-winning hair stylist, UK ambassador for Authentic Beauty Concept, and the genius behind Marie Claire’s four incredible Virtual Beauty Shoot looks. “It’s versatile, and it’s not too heavy.” 

The volumised look Joseph has created here on model Alina, whose hair is very long and naturally fairly fine, is given grip, texture, and an all-important bounce by the Amplify range’s weightless styling products – resulting in an elegant, undone look that couldn’t be easier to create at home. 

“I absolutely love this style,” says Lisa. “It’s really easy for when you’re on the run, but want something impactful.”

Ready to volumise, texturise and add bounce to Amplify your look?

Joseph and Jerome talk us through the style one step – and expert product – at a time:

Bun Bounce: Get The Look

Cleanse up: Begin by washing hair with Authentic Beauty Concept’s Amplify Cleanser. Powered by antioxidant-rich green tea leaf, this lightweight cleanser boosts hair to give it some serious lift, while leaving it enviably soft, too.

Detangle fine tresses: Follow up with the Amplify Spray Conditioner. Unlike your average conditioner, Authentic Beauty Concept’s lighter option for finer hair helps to detangle and boost body, without weighing the hair down. 

Amplify: While hair is damp, apply a generous amount of Authentic Beauty Concept’s Amplify Mousse from roots to ends. Not only will this add body and grip to your hair, it will protect it against blow-dry damage ahead of the next step. 

Blowout: Blow-dry hair with a round brush, concentrating on getting lift in the roots for added oomph. 

Texturise: Once dry, spray Authentic Beauty Concept’s Dry Shampoo at the roots, working section by section. While your typical dry shampoo might bring to mind the powdery tackiness of a no wash day, Authentic Beauty Concept’s is light, moldable and adds that crucial grip and texture to fine, freshly washed hair. 

Add extra lift: For extra lift and lived-in volume, use the Nude Powder Spray in between the natural parting of the hair. “It contains fair trade tapioca starch and silicia. The silica is what gives you the grip, while the tapioca starch will soak up any excess sebum at the root,” explains Jerome. 

Messy pony: Work hair into a ponytail on top of your head. You’ll want this to have a soft, textured feel, rather than a polished, super-sleek finish. 

Twist it: Split your ponytail in two, and twist each section in the same direction. Then, wrap the sections around each other until you reach the end of the hair for a rope-style twist. 

Undo it: With another spritz of the Dry Shampoo for added texture, pull the twist apart loosely for an undone look, then wrap the twist around its base for your finished bouncy bun. 

The perfect finish: As with every great hair look, finish with a blast of Authentic Beauty Concept’s Working Hairspray for a fine, flexible hold that will keep your style firmly in place. 

Ready to try the look at home? Shop the editor-approved products used in the shoot below, and follow @authenticbeautyconcepuk for expert tips, tricks, and tutorials on making every day a good hair day. 

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