How to create the perfect power plait – A Virtual Beauty Shoot

Add volume, texture and some all-important nourishment to second-day hair with this perfectly undone power plait, created by the expert team at Authentic Beauty Concept.

Authentic Beauty Concept Replenish

Trying to find new ways to wear your hair – ways that don’t require hours of work and a team of experts – can seem like a near-impossible task. Ponytails are overdone, top-knots can take some time to perfect, and plaits can look a little prim. But not this one. 

Created using Authentic Beauty Concept’s Replenish range, this textured power plait is the perfect style for freshly washed and second-day tresses alike – giving hair a voluminous, purposefully undone look that’s quick, impactful and chic. 

“It’s a really beautiful look, and I love the amount of volume in this hairstyle,” says Marie Claire’s Beauty and Style Director Lisa Oxenham of the fourth and final look in our Virtual Beauty Shoot and step by step masterclass in partnership with Authentic Beauty Concept

“Our model Celeste has thick hair, so the Authentic Beauty Concept Replenish range, coupled with this style, helps to manage it in a look that you can recreate at home very easily for impact.”

As with every Authentic Beauty Concept range, Replenish’s nourishing products are kind to the planet as well as the hair. 

“What I really love about this brand is that what they leave out of their products is as important as what they put in,” says Lisa. “Across their range, their products are free from silicones and sulfate surfactants. Instead, they use vegan ingredients that are pure and carefully selected.”

Replenish and revive damaged hair

Protein-rich and drawing on the power of maple and pecan nut to restore hair’s vitality, Replenish is the ideal choice for strands that are desperately seeking some TLC. 

“The hair structure loves protein,” explains Jerome Wilson, Brand Educator at Authentic Beauty Concept. 

“When we colour our hair, or use too much heat styling, the hair becomes brittle and dry, and needs elasticity and protein back. Nuts are high in healthy fats and rich in protein, and that is really going to give the hair the strength and vitality that it needs. The maple is also anti-inflammatory – so it’s got a healing property to it as well.”

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The result is a look that’s “very elegant, but distressed,” according to the genius hairstylist behind it: Authentic Beauty Concept’s UK ambassador Joseph Ferraro. 

“You don’t really want the plait to be visible when you look at the hair,” explains Joseph. “It’s just something that binds the hair together. It’s really stripped back to an organic feel. You want to make it a bit more unruly – you want to give it that second day feel.”

Ready to replenish your way to the power plait look? Joseph and Jerome walk us through it one step – and expert product – at a time.

Power Plait: Get the Look

Cleanse and Replenish: Begin by washing hair with Authentic Beauty Concept’s Replenish Cleanser to cleanse and strengthen strands. 

Nourish: Follow up with the Replenish Conditioner to re-moisturise freshly washed tresses, and seal the hair’s cuticle ahead of styling. 

Prime: Spritz the Flawless Primer all over hair to protect against blow-dry damage, and add grip back into the hair. “Priming the hair is so important,” says Jerome. “Our Flawless Primer is formulated with things like coconut oil and jojoba oil to drive hydration into the hair. This evens the hair’s porosity, and ensures that you’ve got the elasticity you need.”

Volumise: Section hair and spray roots with the Nymph Salt Spray – aiming for even coverage throughout. “The spray is concentrated at the roots because that’s where you need the most lift,” explains Joseph. “Then bring the excess product through to the ends.”

Blow-dry: Then, use your hairdryer to blow hair out with a round brush.

Texturise: Once dried, spray the Airy Texture Spray – concentrating on the root area, before bringing it through the ends of the hair. Use your hands to really push the product in to achieve that crucial texture. 

Plait it: Plait hair to one side in three loose strands, then again spray hair with the Airy Texture Spray. Follow this with Authentic Beauty Concept’s Gritty Wax Paste – working the product in your hands before applying to the hair. While you’re doing this, gently pull the plait apart, so you get a very loose, textured feel. 

The perfect finish: As with all great hair looks, finish with a blast of the Working Hairspray for a fine, pliable hold that will hold your plait firmly in place. 

Shop the editor-approved products used in the shoot below, and follow @authenticbeautyconceptuk for expert tips, tricks, and tutorials on making every day a good hair day. 

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