Introducing The Sexist ‘Pick Up Artist’ Banned From Australia…And He’s Coming To The UK This Week…

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  • He's the 'pick-up artist' who teaches men misogynistic techniques in order to 'pimp their game' with the ladies

    He’s a self-professed ‘pick up artist’ whose dating seminars for men designed to ‘pimp their game’ also come with a hashtag: #ChokingGirlsAroundTheWorld.

    Now more than 151,000 people in the UK have signed a petition asking Secretary Theresa May to refuse Julien Blanc entry. The controversial figure is expected to arrive in the UK later this week and pressure is mounting with a counter-hashtag: #TakeDownJulienBlanc.

    Why? Blanc (pictured in the delightful Twitter image above holding a t-shirt that reads: ‘Diss fatties. Bang hotties) has united many in worldwide criticism for touring ‘dating seminars’ encouraging men to harass and abuse women in order to pick them up.

    We’re using quite a few inverted commas here – and with good reason – because Blanc’s ‘seduction classes’ involve techniques that many have described as sexually abusive.

    You only have to look at the American’s website, Pimping My Game, to see details of these techniques for yourself. After confessing he ‘wasn’t a popular kid and it sucked’ (what a surprise) Blanc goes on to promise how his top-tips can train other men ‘exactly how to approach her, isolate her’ with tested pick-up lines like:

    ‘Get down on your knees, call me master, and beg me to kiss you.’ He adds about his advice: ‘It’s offensive, it’s inappropriate, it’s emotionally scarring, but it’s damn effective… just kidding….’

    Already banned from Australia and Brazil, videos of Blanc apparently include him grabbing women by their throat and telling his audience: ‘At least in Tokyo, if you’re a white male, you can do what you want’ before advising them to grab women’s heads and thrust them at their crotch.

    Now Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone and Labour’s Yvette Cooper are calling for the 25-year-old to be denied a visa, although time is running out to block his UK entry with his arrival due this Friday (November 21).

    Featherstone warned: ‘If he was allowed to perform in the UK I have no doubt that cases of sexual harassment and intimidation would increase.’

    Cooper added her support asking: ‘Why should we let someone into this country to incite sexual assaults or violence against women? Australia has already sent this man home. Canada wants to keep him out. There is plenty of evidence of Mr Blanc’s vile views and misogynist business, and no interest for Britain in him being able to promote them here in our communities.’

    Both statements come on the day that many news outlets have reported some shocking statistics by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary in relation to violence and abuse, illustrating just how dangerous rhetoric like the above is. More than ¼ of sex offences are unrecorded due to police failings. The same study revealed that out of 316 rape reports, 37 rapes were not even recorded as crimes.

    With only two days to go until Blanc is set to land in the UK, only time will tell if Featherstone and Cooper get their ban granted….

    On November 19 Julien Blanc was denied a UK visa by officials.

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