This region has the worst workplace sexual harassment in the UK

But do you work there?

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But do you work there?

According to new research, Northern Ireland has the highest rate of sexual harassment in the workplace across the whole of the UK, with 17% of people reporting to have experienced sexual harassment by a boss at their office.

The survey, which was conducted by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, analysed UK regions for ethical workplace behaviour, but actually uncovered some shocking truths about sexual harassment in the workplace.

While Northern Ireland emerged as the worst place in the UK for workplace sexual harassment, it was also the only region where no one admitted to doing the harassment. That’s right - no one, we repeat, no one, admitted blame.

After Northern Ireland, London and Scotland came next in terms of harassment figures in the workplace, with Yorkshire, Wales and the Midlands emerging with the lowest figures.

The survey then only brought more bad news for the region of Northern Ireland, as it was announced that the province also came top in terms of putting the most pressure on their employees, with a whopping 89% of workers admitting to have felt too much pressure - higher than the national average of 76% - and a further 33% admitted to having experienced workplace bullying.

Oh dear. We won’t be looking at jobs there any time soon.

Jenny Proudfoot
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