Working from home is tougher than the office

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  • Working from home might seem like the perfect solution to the work-life balance, but a study suggests it leaves many exhausted

    Despite the benefits of unlimited tea breaks and no commute, working from home is more exhausting than going into the office, according to a study.

    US researchers found that people working from home find it difficult to escape the strains of family life while trying to juggle their work load. The study also found that the home environment often makes domestic disputes worse.

    Professor Tim Golden from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York studied 300 workers at a computer company both working in the office and from home.

    ‘The more work and family demands conflicted, the more people suffered from exhaustion,’ reports the study. ‘Those with already high levels of work-family conflicts suffered higher exhaustion when they spent extensive time working from home.’

    Despite advances in technology making it easier for people to work more remotely, the study found that those who get stressed in the office, get even more stressed at home.

    But, those who do not get stressed out by their work-life balance benefit from working from home.

    ‘Those with low levels of conflict between work and family seem able to benefit more from telework than those individuals who have high levels of conflict between work and home,’ states the study.


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