We’re talking business in the bedroom

Over half of the UK’s small business owners say they would turn to their partner for straight talking business advice before speaking to an accountant or colleague

According to a new national survey, when work stresses get too much or the boss is driving you up the wall, the first person we go to for advice is our other half.

The recent survey of 2,000 small business owners found that 55% of female small business owners would turn to their partner for straight talking business advice, while only 10% would go to their closest friend.

Leading behavioural expert, Judi James, says: ‘This research from T-Mobile highlights how highly we value those who get to the point and give it to us straight when discussing business issues.

‘Psychologically, talking to our partner is the closest thing to talking to ourselves. Bylogically discussing our problems with them, they become a vital sounding-board as well as an actual advisor.’

The study found that of those surveyed, 80% stated they would take advice from someone they love and trust, who will give them the truth and tell it to them straight without sugar coating what needs to be said.

The trend was shown to be greatest in the North, with 58% stating they would turn to their husbands or wives over accountants. Londoners were the least trusting of bank managers, with only 1% saying they would turn to them for tips.

‘Although some couples are like peas in a pod, many are more like two pieces of a jigsaw,’ continues James. ‘Where the husband might lack emotional intelligence, he might excel in urging caution – in much the same way as a business partnership.’

Do you agree? Would you turn to your partner for straight talking business advice, or would you rather leave your work in the office? Let us know your thoughts below.


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