This is the last thing that we expected to come out of Brexit

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  • Are you a disappointed remain campaigner looking for love?

    The UK voted to leave the European Union last Thursday, the polls revealing a fairly even split as the 52% of pro-leave voters overruled the 48% who wanted to remain a part of the EU.

    The country has divided so bitterly on the subject that even the name ‘United Kingdom’ has started to sound ironic. The rejoicing ‘camp leave’ and the grieving ‘camp remain’ are still struggling to find common ground in the wake of the result, making it hard for the opposing teams to remain friendly, let alone in relationships.

    People are being ‘unfriended’ on Facebook and ‘unfollowed’ on Twitter – all because of this violent difference of opinion.

    We predicted the arguments, we foresaw the protests, but something that we did not expect was this: the advent of a Brexit dating app.

    Introducing Remainder, a new dating app, created by two forward-thinking Londoners who spotted a political gap in the market in the wake of the Brexit result.

    The site, which launched days ago, targets disappointed ‘remain’ voters, designed to bring like-minded individuals together to drown their sorrows and talk out their concerns in person, either as friends or romantically.

    Well it makes sense – there is an app for literally everything else.

    Selling itself with the tagline ‘Voted to Remain and now you’re heartbroken? Cheer yourself up by meeting someone who’s in the same boat’, Remainder has made its target market clear, focusing solely on the down-hearted 48%.

    Despite the social and dating app being set up to comfort London-based voters after a depressing day, it looks like Remainder could actually be a viable business, with the site already gaining thousands of sign-ups since going live.

    The anger and sadness caused by the Brexit result has still not died down, remaining a hot topic of conversation and keeping the app in popular demand.

    Is it us or did online dating just get political? So long, Tinder.

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