This Drunk Girl Social Experiment Video Is Making Us Feel Uneasy

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  • Not all men are like this

    First we had the catcalling videos and now we have a girl pretending to be drunk to see how men will treat her video.

    This latest social experiment by Youtuber Stephen Zhang has left us feeling uneasy. And not just because we’re not entirely sure if it’s genuine.

    Presuming it’s a not a fake for a second, the issue we have with it is this: it was filmed on Hollywood Boulevard. Hollywood Boulevard is known to be a sleazy place – it’s where the opening hooker scenes of Pretty Women were filmed for a reason. The chances are, if a man is hanging around there in the middle of the day, he’s not necessarily going to be a stand-up guy.

    The video sees a woman pretending to be very drunk approaching men and asking for directions to a bus stop. Four of the five men attempt to take her back to their homes.

    The video raises some interesting food for thought about the way some men will try to take advantage of drunk women but we’re not comfortable with the way this particular ‘social experiment’ seems to suggest all men are predatory. They are not.

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