Can We Talk About These Women Being Told To ‘Schedule’ Their Pregnancies?

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  • A company in China has told married female staff members that they need to schedule getting pregnant so that they're not all on maternity leave at the same time...

    Prepare to raise your eyebrows, shake your fist and / or give up on society altogether. Because a company in China has allegedly asked its female staff members to ‘schedule’ their pregnancies, so that they don’t take maternity leave at the same time and leave the business without any employees.

    Yep, appearing to forget that pregnancy is a man and woman’s responsibility – not to mention the fact that the human body is unpredictable at the best of times – a credit union in Jiaozuo, Henan, are reported to have announced their new policy over email.

    And while that email has since been shared over Chinese social media, one (male) official has attempted to justify it by explaining that the union had recently hired many young women, and was concerned that business would be affected if they all got pregnant at once.

    Leading us to wonder whether he got confused about the subject matter, and thought he was discussing a hutchful of extra-fertile bunny rabbits who just so happened to have a typing speed of 75 words per minute.

    But it gets worse.

    If the female employees dare to deviate from the schedule, they’ll lose their end of year bonuses, and chances of future promotion. Plus, they’ll face a fine of 1000 yuan (£103).

    Meanwhile, any man who plays a part in their pregnancy can presumably carry on with his life, after giving himself a great big pat on the back for his fertile sperm and kissing his hefty pay cheque.

    ‘Finding a job is not easy. Everyone has no choice but to plan their pregnancies according to the notice,’ one female employee responded, explaining that she feels that she has to go along with the demands – even though she disagrees with them. ‘No one can guarantee if one can become pregnant as scheduled. This policy is too inconsiderate.’

    Thankfully, after the email was made public, several government departments across China have come forward to reveal that the policy is illegal, and cannot be implemented without the credit union breaking the law.

    ‘To have to report to the company and queue to get pregnant according to schedule, that kind of guideline strictly violates a female employee’s reproductive rights,’ said one expert in family planning.

    Now if you’ll excuse us, there’s some more fist shaking to be done.

    As a plus, these men in India understand that parenthood is their job too. So, y’know – that’s nice.

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