Pay inequality rises in Britain

The difference in pay between men and women and minority groups continues to grow

Marie Claire News: Credit Crunch
Marie Claire News: Credit Crunch

The difference in pay between men and women and minority groups continues to grow

Despite our dreams for equality, there are still significant pay gaps based on gender, age and ethnicity in the UK, according to a report commissioned by the Government.

A National Equality Panel discovered ‘deep seated' differences between various social groups, although some of the widest gaps have narrowed in the last decade, such as between men and women's wages.

The report highlights that women under the age of 44 are better qualified than their male equivalents, but in fact receive 21% lower wages.

Many women work part-time, earning less than £7.20 and hour - much less than he medium pay of £9.90 across the country.

The panel added that people from virtually all ethnic minority communities are less likely to be in paid work than white British citizens.

The gaps are consequently making it harder for some people to buy their first property or live in areas with good schools.

Panel chairman Professor John Hills said. ‘Most people and nearly all political parties subscribe to the ideal of equality of opportunity. But how do you create a level playing field when there are such differences in the resources available to people?

‘Some can afford to live in the catchment area of a good school, some can pay for private tuition for their children, and some are able to help their children get on the housing ladder'

Theresa May, shadow minister for women and equalities, said: ‘It is shocking that after 13 years of a government that wanted to focus on child inequality, we're still in this situation.'

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