One in ten men has hired a prostitute

More men than ever are payiing for sex in the UK, according to shocking new figures

Prostitution-Sex Trade
Prostitution-Sex Trade
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More men than ever are payiing for sex in the UK, according to shocking new figures

We all like to think our partner is faithful, but according to a shocking new survey more than one in ten men have used a prostitute.

The latest poll, carried out by London paper, Metro, reveals that 12 per cent of those questioned admitted to paying for full sex, nine per cent for oral sex and the same proportion said they had joined a dating website just so they could sleep with other women.

In contrast to this, just one in 100 women questioned said they had paid for full sex.

Furthermore, a separate survey of 1,035 people discovered that more than half of the population wants prostitution to be legalized in Britain.

The report carried out by Harris Interactive found some 51 per cent agreed prostitution should be allowed, with only 22 per cent opposed to the notion.

Men over 55 were in strongest support, particularly those based in the south-west or east of England.

So what do these figures suggest? ‘It could suggest that life experience makes people either more tolerant or more realistic,' says Caterina Gerlotto, who managed the poll.

‘Unsurprisingly, men do tend to be more open to such a move than women, although the gap is not as wide as could have been expected.'

Equally indicative, a fifth of people said they had bought pornography, which breaks down to one in three men and one in ten women.

Middle-class Londoners in their late twenties or early thirties were the most likely to spend money on these types of magazines and television footage.

What are your thoughts on these latest findings? Are our sexual habits changing that much, or are we just more open and honest in out confessions? Have your say by posting your comment below.