Cycling just got chic

Be inspired and start cycling with a new series of women-only events on traffic-free roads

Victoria Pendleton - Marie Claire UK
Victoria Pendleton - Marie Claire UK

Be inspired and start cycling with a new series of women-only events on traffic-free roads

Ladies, why not ditch the busy tube and delayed train this spring and take up the chicest form of eco-transport: the bicycle. It's free, fashionable and really quite fun.

Supported by Olympic Gold medallist Victoria Pendleton, Cycletta is a unique series of women-only, mass participation events created to inspire ladies to take up cycling. A perfect excuse to get kitted out.

Two events are scheduled for 2011 so far, Cycletta North on 26 June near Manchester, and Cycletta South on the 11 September near London.

The events will take place on a 40km course on traffic-free roads. From committed enthusiasts to women who are eager to get back in the saddle, Cycletta will be a great fitness challenge while remaining achievable to all.

Victoria Pendleton tells Marie Claire: 'Cycling has been my passion since I was a child. Through the Cycletta series I want to inspire women to join me and cycle; as a hobby, a sport, a way to get fit and healthy. Whatever the reasoning, cycling can improve your life.

'Cycling is a male dominated sport, I know that more than anyone. So much of it is about confidence. I want women to pop into their local cycle shop and ask about bikes. The guys would be chuffed to have some girls in there, I’m sure.

'I hope Cycletta will bring women together as they take on their own cycling challenge.'

To register for Cycletta and for further information, visit Entry is priced at £45 per person, per event.


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