Older women pick Mr Sensible over Mr Big

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  • Younger women look for rich ambitious men, whilst older women want a man who can satisfy their emotional needs, according to a new study

    It’s an age-old debate: should our favourite Sex and the City girl, Carrie Bradshaw, have picked the caring Aidan, or the extravagant Mr Big?

    Whilst younger women may be seduced by ambition and wealth, older women are more likely to choose a friendly, more reliable man, according to a recent study.

    A survey of 9,000 women aged between 16 and 75, found that younger woman look for well-off, ambitious men, with over half admitting they want a man who can afford to spoil them with expensive gestures. Moreover, almost a quarter said they want a man who aims high on the career ladder.

    Meanwhile, the survey, which was carried out by parenting site Netmums and Saga magazine, found that more than half of older women want a man who can take care of their emotional needs.

    ‘It’s interesting to see what each generation of women looks for in a man. Younger women really seem to want it all – looks, money, ambition and honesty – whilst older women value the more traditional traits such as kindness humour and reliability,’ says Sibhoan Freegard of Netmums.

    But, there are some qualities that all women value, regardless of their age. Everyone agreed that sexual chemistry is one of the most important factors in a relationship, with women in their 70s valuing it more than women in their 40s. Experts claim that this could be due to women wanting to put their family first before their children leave home.

    ‘The results provide some intriguing insights into real relationships across the generations. It’s reassuring to see that over 50, the desire for sexual chemistry returns, showing that women still value the thing that brought them together with their partner in the first place,’ says Emma Soames from Saga magazine.

    Do you think Carrie picked the right man? Let us know your thoughts below.


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