Potential Indonesian supreme court judge causes controversy by saying women enjoy being raped

Muhammad Daming Sunusi said both victim and rapist enjoy rape

(Image credit: REX)

Muhammad Daming Sunusi said both victim and rapist enjoy rape

A budding Indonesian supreme court judge has caused a public outcry after claiming women enjoy being raped.

During a vetting session for a role in the Palembang high court which is based in Jakarta (pictured), Muhammad Daming Sunusi said 'the rapist and the victim of rape both enjoy it, so we must think carefully before imposing the death penalty’ when asked his views on the death penalty for rapists.

Although reports have stated the selection panel laughed at his comments, they drew criticism from rights groups.

He has now apologised for the remark, which he claims was 'intended to break the ice'.

Speaking at a press conference he added: 'I apologise to the Indonesian public from the bottom of my heart. I realise those words shouldn’t have come out from anyone, let alone a justice hopeful.'

Despite this apology, two political parties have come forward to say they will vote against Daming Sunusi being elected to the court.

Women's rights groups are also calling for the chief judge of the court to be censured.


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