Dalai Lama Says A Woman Could Take His Job, Only If She Was ‘Very, Very Attractive’. FFS.

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  • The Dalai Lama made the controversial comments during a BBC interview

    Being a woman is tough at the best of times but when even the Dalai Lama comes out with undeniably sexist comments you know things are f*****.

    The world’s supremo Buddhist has welcomed the idea of a female Dalai Lama but has said she needs to be “very, very attractive”, otherwise she’s “not much use”.


    During an interview with the BBC, the 80-year-old holy man reacted very positively when asked if he could image a female taking over his role one day.

    ‘Why not? Females, biologically [have] more potential to show affection,’ he said during the edited interview.

    ‘And compassion?’ interjected BBC journalist Clive Myrie.

    ‘Compassion, yes compassion. Therefore […] I think females should take a more important role [in today’s world].’

    However, he followed up these (a bit stereotypical but ultimately positive) comments by saying that she must be “very, very attractive”.

    His Holiness recalled an interview with a French journalist years ago where he was asked the same question and he repeated the comment he made at the time:

    ‘If a female [Dalai Lama] came, the face must be very, very attractive.’

    Reporter Myrie laughed awkwardly before asking, “Really? You’re joking” before being told an unattractive Her Holiness would “not [be] much use”.

    We’re not about to throw the nice guys out with the bath water here as, let’s be honest, in the grand scheme of f***** up things men in power have said about women over the years this is definitely not the worst. Silvio Berlusconi he is not.

    But it is a sorry state of affairs when the modern day symbol of kindness and inner peace thinks it’s okay to judge a woman’s ability to do a job based on her appearance.

    Maybe it’s not that big a shock – the world of Buddhist monks is (unsurprisingly) male-dominated – but it’s still a damn shame that in 2015, spiritual world leaders can come out with comments like this off the cuff.

    In the words of the indomitable Ms Tyra Banks, shame on you Mr Lama. WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU!

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