Women who wear make-up to work get paid more. Sorry, what?

This study confirms our worst nightmare... the world is completely bonkers

Trying to get a pay rise and it’s just not happening? Supposedly you need to get out that MAC Ruby Woo and give your hair a quick zjush, because apparently women who wear make-up to work get paid more. 

A recent study by sociologists Jaclyn S. Wong and Andrew M. Penner found that physically attractive individuals have a higher income than those deemed to be ‘average’ looking individuals. 

Talk about being brutal!

‘We find that attractive individuals earn roughly 20 percent more than people of average attractiveness,’ they say in their report. But, this gap is reduced when grooming comes into play, suggesting that the ‘beauty premium’ can be, for lack of better word, achieved. 

Seriously, WTF.

Surprisingly, according to the study, the ‘attractiveness premium’ doesn’t vary by gender (get the beard oil out guys!), but perhaps unsurprisingly, grooming explains all of the ‘attractiveness premium’ for women (meaning, all women who beautified themselves were paid more) whereas it only explains half of it for men.

What they’re basically saying is that if you’re blessed with naturally amazingly good looks, you’ll get paid more. And if you don’t exactly stop traffic when you walk across the street, wearing make-up and doing your hair will take you up to the same pay of your stunning counterparts. Just great. 

And so it begs the question, what is wrong with this world?! 

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