Our motivational guide to fitting a passion project around your day job

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Here are four ways to power your passion project in your spare time…

2024 is the year of the passion project, with increasing numbers of people in the UK looking to fit a side hustle or hobby around their day job.

From crocheting and painting to comedy and novel writing, passion-related goals are on the up. And with an increase in flexible working and the endless possibilities of social media, this year is seeing a rise in home-based entrepreneurs. 

More than ever, people are looking to power their passion projects from their kitchen tables, and in many cases, monetise them, with increasing numbers going on to become side hustles, and viable businesses.

Technology is one of the most effective ways of making this happen, with a proven correlation between the use of tech and achieving goals.

Thankfully, EE is here to help. An overwhelming 97% of those we surveyed saw their goals as part of a long-term lifestyle change, and as such the tech brand wants to help its customers build the right mindset, routine and system to achieve their passion-related goals.

From time management settings to hacks on focusing your energy,  here are four ways that you can use your EE tech to power your passion project, and fit it around your day job.

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1. Manage your time

Managing your own time is cited as one of the most common challenges for pursuing a passion project, particularly when balancing it with a day job, but it is also considered “crucial” to success. EE’s smartwatch selection is designed for this very purpose, allowing you to work on the go, carve out time for you and to help you work across multiple projects. From Samsung Galaxy models to Fitbits in all varieties, EE’s wearable tech partnerships are all about maximising your time, allowing you to receive calls, texts, calendar alerts and app notifications at a glance. Plus with the built-in voice assistant, you can set reminders and alarms - all essential for helping you manage your time more efficiently.

2. Focus your energy

While splitting your time between work and a passion project, focusing your energy is key, allowing you to immerse yourself completely in the task at hand. The secret to this is setting boundaries, designating time (and energy) to the different facets of your life. And consequently, enhancing your output across both your passion project and your 9-5 - heightening focus, energy and productivity. EE has tailored its tech to give customers just that, with its WiFi controls feature allowing you to focus your tech - pausing WiFi, switching off connection for individual devices (say goodbye to distractions) and even scheduling some tech-free time for when you need it. 

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3. Find online inspiration

Passion projects can evolve rapidly, and it’s important to read up on your subject so that you can be adaptable as it progresses. This can be a difficult task, with IRL evening classes almost impossible to fit around a 9-5, but thanks to tech, it doesn’t have to be so time consuming. In fact, it can all be done from your device and worked around your day job. Tune into an informative podcast on your commute, with entrepreneurial offerings from 'How I Built This', 'Masters of Scale' and 'This Week in Startups' among others. And even after your working day is done, online evening classes are a great way to brush up on your skillset virtually, with thousands of classes available at your fingertips. And from coding to creative writing, these extensive sessions should arm you with all the information that you need to go from passion to pay check.

4. Prioritise your mental wellness

Managing your mental wellbeing should be an essential part of a daily routine. And particularly when juggling a busy 9 to 5 with a passion project, it’s important to make time for you. Surprisingly, technology can be one of your most powerful tools, with people turning to self care apps more than ever. EE has now partnered with leading mental health brand Calm, offering consumers a 14 day free trial and discounted access to its science-backed tools and features. And from meditation to breathwork, its exercises are proven to reduce stress and heighten focus, helping you to balance and make the most of your time.

Visit ee.co.uk/work for more information on EE tech and how to harness it to achieve your goals.

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