Four ways to connect with your loved ones this Mother’s Day

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Time is precious, so here’s how to make the most of yours (and your mum’s)…

In today’s hectic modern world, our free time is valuable and days spent seeing your loved ones can be few and far between. That’s why it’s important to disconnect to reconnect, spend your time doing things and making memories that’ll last; not living life behind a phone screen.

Here are four ways you can get the most out of your quality time with mum this Mother’s Day…

Head for the great outdoors

Our most precious memories are often tied to the place in which we made them. Plan a family day out and about to a location of your mum’s choice – a trip to the beach, a National Trust visit, sightseeing – and enjoy a day spent in each other’s company.

Treat her to a gift she won’t be expecting

If you usually surprise your mum with jewellery, switch up your go-to gift for a new perfume she’ll love. BOSS The Scent for her is an addictive mix of roasted cocoa, sweet peach and freesia – and every time she wears it, she’ll think of you.

See a musical

Musicals and concerts are great ways to spend time together, but music goes beyond being purely entertaining. A 2018 study found that music induces positive emotional reactions through memory, but not negative ones. So you can bet that Wicked number will always lift both your mood and your mum’s.

Take a trip down memory lane

Of course, there’s a lot of happiness to be found in reminiscing about the past with your loved ones, too. Leave your phone in another room and spend some time digging out old photo albums and memory books, sharing stories and laughter. You’ll definitely feel closer to your family afterwards.

Try any of the above and we guarantee you’ll bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones this Mother’s Day.

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