Is how attractive your partner is influencing what you eat?

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  • According to science it just might be

    Science recently explained why so many of us lose our appetites after a break up and the physical implications being cheated on has on our body, but have you ever wondered what impact being in a healthy and happy relationship is having on your diet?

    According to a recent study, what you eat could all be influenced by how attractive your partner is.

    Researchers from Florida State University believe that partners who feel they are less desirable than their other half often seek a slimmer body and are therefore more likely to diet to achieve this.

    The study looked at 113 recently married couples who had been married for less than four months and had an average age of late 20s. The participants were asked to complete a questionnaire, part of which focused on a desire to diet or have a ‘thinner body’.

    After completing the questionnaire a full-body photograph was taken, and each participant agreed to be rated on attractiveness and were independently done so on a scale of one to 10.

    The study was published in the journal Body Image and the results found that participants who had physically attractive husbands also had more negative impactions for the wives, ‘especially if the wives were not particularly attractive’  said doctoral student Tania Reynolds, reports Prima.

    Of course, the research also found that men weren’t too fussed about dieting whether or not their wives were deemed more attractive than them or not. Though we can’t say we’re too surprised by that snippet of information.

    Remember folks, it’s not just about looks.

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