5 Reasons Why Women Cheat And How You Can Avoid it

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  • Are you overcome by the urge to cheat? Whether it’s the thrill of deceit, magnetic chemistry or domestic boredom, there are some repeat reasons why women stray. Relationship counsellor Gladeana McMahon tells us how to sort the source of the problem, before anyone gets hurt...

    1. Has your ex come back into your life?

    The expert says: ‘Work out why you have these feelings for an ex. Maybe he had traits your partner doesn’t? But remember you split up with him for a reason.’

    2. Are you excited by the thrill of something new?

    The expert says: ‘Can you make changes to your current relationship to make it more exciting? Try to step outside your comfort zone and take up a new shared interest or hobby together.’

    3. Are you bored of your domestic day-to-day?

    The expert says: ‘In a rut? Not enjoying quality time together? Communicate how you’re feeling – he may feel the same and sharing this will unburden you both.’

    4. Has your sex life gone off the boil?

    The expert says: ‘If you aren’t entirely satisfied, gently tell him – or better still, show him. Most men are surprisingly open to suggestions, particularly if it surprises them by shaking up the routine.’

    5. Are you scared by the idea of being with one person for the rest of your life?

    The expert says:
    ‘This is one to deal with through counselling to get to the bottom of any issues you have about commitment. Otherwise you risk sabotaging any future relationships.’

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