women's life expectancy

Women in the UK have the second lowest life expectancy in Europe

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  • Yes, really…

    It has been announced that British women have the second lowest life expectancy in the whole of Europe – and we’re not thrilled.

    Public Health England released a recent report, revealing the average life expectancies for women around Europe, and compared to its neighbouring countries, the UK graded pretty low.

    According to the study, British women are expected to live for 82 years and nine months – just missing the bottom spot, with Danish women having the lowest life expectancy.

    British men did even worse, with their average life expectancy coming in at 79 years and two months.

    women's life expectancy


    Spain fared particularly well in the study, boasting the highest life expectancy, with Spanish women on average living until almost 86 years old – three years higher than Brits.

    Many people however having been focusing on the UK statistic, which is pretty surprising considering Britain’s impressive healthcare system.

    However, Professor Peter Goldbatt, from University College London’s Institute of Health Equity has a theory for the figures, linking them to British smoking habits.

    ‘Women in this country started smoking in large numbers during the Second World War when they began to work in factories,’ he told The Sun. ‘So the epidemic of smoking among women happened earlier than among women in other European countries.’

    He therefore puts the figures down to lung cancer and respiratory diseases.

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