Could This Be The Best Health News We’ve Ever Heard?

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  • Pasta is back on the menu

    It’s now scientific fact: You can eat pasta and still be healthy. But before you head home to get the spag bol on, know this: There is a catch, obviously. The Independent has reported that reheating your pasta may actually be the key to reducing the bad effects of your favourite carb-laden meal.

    First tested on the BBC’s Trust Me, I’m A Doctor, it was discovered that ‘cooking, cooling and then reheating’ pasta turned it into a ‘resistant starch’, which is apparently much better for us.

    This was tested on real pasta lovers and the TV doctors found the glucose in the volunteer’s blood was 50% lower than when they ate freshly cooked pasta.

    So now you can make like Cindy Crawford in the 90s and eat pasta to your heart’s content and still not ruin your diet. This might be exaggerating the point, but we are very excited to now count pasta as a health food. Which we will be doing from now on.

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