The Unexpected Reason You Might Not Be Sleeping So Well At The Moment

The planets are conspiring against your sleeping pattern this month.

Mercury in retrograde
Mercury in retrograde
(Image credit: Rex)

The planets are conspiring against your sleeping pattern this month.

Tossing. Turning. Tossing again. Turning over and over again.

If that sounds like your nightly routine at the moment, then you may be a victim of Mercury in retrograde. If you feel like you’ve not had your 40 winks in about 40 years, then you’re not the only one.

The astrological phenomenon happens when it appears as though planets are moving backwards through the zodiac. Mercury – the unruly planet – does this three or four times a year. According to astronomers, this can cause people to experience confusion, frustration and delay. So you legitimately now have an excuse for forgetting your mother-in-law’s birthday and something as simple as texting your best mate may have you in a bit of a tiz.

Mercury is said to control travel, communication, technology and contracts so if you’re usually calm about any of the above but have found yourself turning into a big ball of sleepless anxiety then you have now found your culprit.

While the main piece of advice is to remain calm (helpful) you can allow extra time for your daily commute to avoid unnecessary bouts of road rage, choose your words carefully when you’re communicating and double check your emails/texts/letters/smoke signals before sending to avoid an awkward situation with your boss, friends or fam.

Your relationship may also take a turn during the period or an ex may hit you up (pray to God not with a picture of his privates). If these things do happen, try to remain calm and revisit both issues when the planet stops conspiring to mess up your zen.

Thankfully we won't be feeling like this permanently as this astrologically tough time will finish on the 25th of this month. But a heads up to those who have been affected, it will return at the end of April.

Until then, good luck ladies!

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