If you’ve recently got into running, these (oh so springy) trainers will help you step up

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Just like a pair of blue jeans and a nude lipstick, the trainers you use to workout in are an item that you will return to time and time again. The same pair carry you – quite literally – across miles of pavement and grass. They adorn your wardrobe as a feel-good reminder of those sweat sessions when you smashed your PBs. And, if you choose wisely, they are pivotal in helping you achieve your goals (more of which later…).

Indeed, heading out for a run is something many have done for the first time in the past year, as a way to calm swirling thoughts and stay active between endless days WFH and a stream of virtual social plans. Anything to log-off Zoom and peel-off the sofa. But many of us have remained hooked – World Athletics reported last month, as part of research on the pandemic running boom, that four in 10 people now consider themselves to be runners, with 30 per cent lacing up at least once a week.

But while last summer you may have simply dusted off the old trainers (even worse, the ones from your PE days…) sitting idle at the back of your cupboard, these upcoming balmy months you deserve a box-fresh pair to train in. Because not only do past-it kicks lose their cushioning and support over time, they’re unlikely to help you achieve the goal – or three – now on your mind as you graduate from the Couch To 5k app and into your first 10k, half marathon or even the rescheduled London Marathon in October.

And setting yourself regular challenges is essentially as important as always remembering to cleanse before bed. A study published last year by the University of Oregon found that the more goal-oriented you are, the more likely you are to stick with exercise – which (you don’t need us to tell you) comes with a multitude of healthy benefits.

So, with a list of aims and new trainers on your shopping list, which pair will you choose to make the journey in? Let us tell you about Brooks Running, who specialise in helping people feel good while running. They know that transformations, of any kind, don’t happen overnight and have designed their trainers to be with you every step of the way.

Excitingly, they’ve got a sleek, new design on the block. The Levitate 5 is about a whole lot more than putting one foot in front of the other. It’s about those moments that have you gripped in more ways than one. Lacing up your trainers and heading out the door, to find fun and escapism beyond. As part of their new ‘Alter Ego’ campaign, they’re inviting runners to discover the new person they will become in the Levitate 5. Because this is a shoe designed to fit who you are, and what you want to achieve. Here’s how it will motivate you to get going, make it through the final push and arrive at a magical place of sheer pride and high-fives…

The Levitate 5

The Levitate 5

Spring in your step

When you’re tackling the tough bits of your run (or all?), you want to make use of every little bit of extra oomph you can get. The Levitate 5 comes built with some clever DNA AMP midsole technology. In short, that means the shoe absorbs the impact as your foot hits the ground, and then delivers the energy straight back to you – but based on your own unique stride (hence the DNA in the name). The result is some seriously bouncy push-off.

Comfort is key

Warning: you may find yourself skipping brunch plans for an excuse to slip these trainers on and head out for a few breezy kilometres. Because the Levitate 5 – with an upper sole made from breathable fabric – has also been created so comfy that you’ll virtually never want to unlace them. Besides, we think they’d rather nicely ‘toughen up’ your new puffed-sleeve Zara dress.

In good time

Unless you’re very lucky, the chance are that your kilometres may not always be accompanied by a #unfiltered countryside backdrop. Luckily, the Levitate 5 has been fashioned particularly with road runners in mind – complete with an arrow-point pattern in the outsole that lets your foot move quickly from heel to toe, which enhances the shoe’s springy feel on hard surfaces. This also keeps up the momentum and efficiency of your run with quick transitions – that’s jazzy ‘runner speak’ for reducing ground contact times for a swifter finish. Winning..

It’s personal

The Levitate 5 comes in three different fits, so you can be as snug as you like. “We want to empower runners to choose what suits them best,” says Hugo Chouissa, Brooks Footwear Merchandiser EMEA. Indeed, you can opt for a regular, classic fit called the Levitate, which comes with flexible but structured fit. Then there’s the new, more sleek StealthFit, which wraps your foot up with a combination of stretch and compression, and has an integrated tongue that makes everything super-streamlined – ideal for those who really value performance. And, if you’re after additional support, you can choose the Levitate GTS, which uses GuideRails technology to keep you safely in your natural stride at the same time as protecting your knees. The power is all yours.

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