You won't believe how many calories you burn in the shower

Great news

Great news

We recently found out you can burn a shocking number of calories in the bath, which got us wondering about how many calories we tend to burn in the shower?

Well, according to Shake That Weight, if you spend just 15 minutes in the shower you can burn a staggering 62 calories. So those of you who tend to skip the shower after the gym (seriously guys?) might want to rethink doing so, as you're actually losing out on a decent calorie burning session.

Bathing isn't the only every day activity that sees you working off the weight, either.

Did you know that if you spend 15 minutes drying your hair then you're burning around 39 calories? And ironing your shirt before work will burn off a decent 66 calories.

It gets even better though, you can burn off a whopping 382 calories by doing absolutely nothing but getting seven hours of sleep at night.

Who needs the gym, 'ey?