6 foods that might actually be making you more hungry

Don't reach for these when hanger sets in!

white toast with butter and jam
white toast with butter and jam
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Don't reach for these when hanger sets in!

Some days, we just right-out have the munchies. No matter what we snack on or how early we eat lunch, there seems to be no filling that hunger hole. Sound familiar?

Well if you’ve ever wondered just why on earth it happens, science says it could be down to the types of food you’re trying to fill-up on.

Yep, in a mealtime twist that appears to makes no logical sense whatsoever, some snacks may make you more hungry, the more you eat them. Rather than quell hunger pangs, they’ll actually rev them up!

While hormones, stress and exercise can all have an effect on your appetite too, these could be the foods to blame when you just can’t stop munching…

Cereals Beware of sugary cereals. Though they taste great, many contain high fructose corn syrup which can interfere with the release of the body’s ‘fullness hormone’ leptin. Despite munching away, your brain will never be notified when you’re full, and so you’ll likely keep on feeling hungry.

White bread Love white toast in the morning? No matter what you spread on your slice, it turns out that the lack of bran and low fibre content in white bread could be to blame for your insatiable appetite. The body turns refined carbohydrates into sugar super quickly, meaning that after the initial spike, you’ll experience a blood sugar low that leaves you craving more.

Fries Ever get that sad feeling when you’ve finished all your fries? Turns out that the tasty snack could actually be tricking your brain into wanting more. Deep-fried in fat and sprinkled with salt, fries tick-off two major triggers for stimulating appetite in the brain.

Chinese takeaway If takeaway is your go-to when you’re far too hungry to actually cook dinner, be wary of the MSG (monosodium glutamate) in some Chinese food. Lots of Chinese restaurants use the additive in dishes, as it works as an artificial flavour enhancer. Yet studies have shown that regular consumption of MSG can override signals which let the brain you’re full, leaving you feeling hungry even after eating.

Sweeteners Artificial sweeteners are added to lots of pre-packaged foods, but can be slippery slope when it comes to feeling full. When our taste buds detect the presence of sweeteners, the body readies itself for carbohydrates or a sugar boost to follow, yet when those fail to arrive we’re left with cravings and a desire to eat more.

Alcohol Okay, so a glass of white wine or a G&T isn’t really considered a snack, but alcohol is another huge appetite trigger. Because the chemicals in alcohol work to relax your brain and lower inhibitions, you’re likely to eat far more during a meal if you’re enjoying a bottle of wine at the same time.

Consider that the munchies mystery solved!

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