International day of the girl

These fearless girls are why it’s important to celebrate #InternationalDayOfTheGirl

To celebrate a day dedicated to the education and empowerment of girls, Victoria Fell meets 8 amazing young women around the world succeeding against the odds.

Did you know that 15 million girls will never have the opportunity to learn to read and write in primary school or that a staggering 90% of countries still have at least one law that restricts economic equality for women?

Together with Plan International UK, we at Marie Claire are fighting to change this, and you can help too by donating here to the Girls Fund.

“Girls’ education and empowerment is an issue close to our heart and something we have long championed at Marie Claire,” says editor-in-chief Trish Halpin, who is chairing a panel with Plan International UK and Unilever today. Themes discussed will include everything from career choices and body image to how gendered inequalities create economic and social barriers to young women worldwide.

“Today is about taking time to think about what more needs be done but also celebrating the girls out there succeeding against the odds.” Here, we look at the amazing work being done by the Plan with girls around the world to help them reach their potential  and how you can support them too.

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