9 Ways To Declutter Your Life, Starting Now

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  • As fellow female hoarders, we understand this won't be easy but trust us, it's worth it. Because life baggage is SO 2013...

    1. Get ruthless with your routine
    Planning endless dinners, drinks and Skype-dates with estranged university pals is all well and good in the world of friendship, but if your diary is brimming with more post-work activities than a primary school child, it’s probably time to take a breather. Leave yourself at least one free night a week to go home, slip into your nobody-can-see-me sweats and relax.

    2. Revel in that long-awaited Facebook cull
    It’s almost a guilty pleasure, isn’t it? And in reality, it’s not as harsh as it sounds, so a) don’t feel bad, and b) spend a little time each week inconspicuously deleting the ‘friends’ you have absolutely no affection for because you ‘bonded’ once at a party in 2008.
    3. Organise your lotions and potions
    Firstly, we need to admit that we ourselves are self-confessed beauty addicts and totally feel your pain here, but let’s be honest, you probably don’t need countless night creams, measureless amounts of anti-cellulite scrubs and an infinite sum of fake tan mitts clogging up your bathroom cabinet. If you can shrink your products down to two-a-piece, you might actually finish them before buying new ones. That’ll shock your boyfriend.
    4. Buy something new, throw something away
    A strange concept, sure, but unless you are one of those incredibly fashion-efficient women who buys classic pieces that last (and fit!) forever, your closet space probably disappeared along with khaki cargo pants in the late 90s. Try implementing a system of one in, one out, like a really tiny nightclub.
    5. Back up
    Technology is not your friend. At some point it will make a disturbing, strangulated gargle and die right before your very eyes. So to avoid having one hysterical panic attack because you’ve lost every photo you’ve ever taken, not to mention your out-of-office workings, buy yourself a hard-drive and use it.
    6. Clear out your undies drawer
    Off-white knickers, be gone. Make way for deliciously sexy matching sets, essential every day t-shirt bras and rump-perfecting pants that have never, ever caused an embarrassing VPL.
    7. Become the banker
    No, we don’t mean dig out the Monopoly board lurking around after Christmas. Now is an ideal time to get a grip on your finances. Direct debits, standing orders and 0% interest rates are about to become music to your ears – the Michael Bublés of banking, if you will. Who knows, this year might be the one you manage to cobble together a house deposit. Imagine?
    8. Spring clean
    It might not quite be time for a top-to-bottom, scour, scrub and polish of the house but it can’t hurt to get ahead. Tackle your habitat room by room until every surface doubles up as a mirror and you’ve miraculously turned into Mary Poppins overnight. It happened to us once, honest.
    9. Delete unwanted apps
    At one time (December, ahem) we know it was absolutely essential to have an app that told you where the nearest day spa was and when they had offers on mani-pedis. But not now. Not in 2014. And not as you’re becoming a fabulously organised new version of yourself. We have two cut-throat words for you – banish them.

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