Philip Davies

Here’s why MP Philip Davies’ re-election is dangerous for women

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    As the General Election 2017 results came in late last night, it was reported that Conservative MP Philip Davies had lost his seat in his constituency of Shipley, overtaken by Labour.

    The believed de-seating was celebrated online by men and women across the United Kingdom, with Davies being the subject of controversy in the past.

    In case you don’t remember him, he’s the MP who spoke at an anti-feminism conference, stating, ‘feminists zealots really do want women to have their cake and eat it too’. Yup, that’s him.

    Philip Davies

    The notoriously anti-feminist MP is most famous perhaps for his controversial stance on a domestic violence bill. Arguing that the bill, aiming to protect women from abuse, was ‘sexist against men’, he spoke on the subject for an hour and a half in parliament, just last year.

    It’s hardly surprising therefore that the internet exploded when it was announced that he had lost his seat in the House of Commons, with Owen Jones being one of the first to take to Twitter to share the news.

    ‘One of the worst Tory MPs Britain has ever had, and he has lost it,’ tweeted Jones, as members of the public soon followed suit.

    A few hours later however, it was revealed that a mistake had been made and that Philip Davies had actually been re-elected – and with a majority of almost 5,000.

    ‘Absolutely devastated to see that Philip Davies has (somehow, bafflingly) been re-elected’, one Twitter user posted, while others called his re-election the worst news of the evening.

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