Meet the revolutionary serum for cellular-level skin rejuvenation

Orveda's The Omnipotent Concentrate targets 'zombie cells' for ultimate youth renewal, delivering on its bold promise thanks to years of research and skin-friendly formulas

Orveda Omnipotent Concentrate
(Image credit: Orveda)

I sat up and paid attention when one of my favourite skincare brands, Orveda, unveiled their latest innovation, The Omnipotent Concentrate. Meticulously crafted, this serum brilliantly tackles key aspects of ageing which include healing historical skin damage, preserving present skin health, and building resilience against future ageing signs. Its formulation is a powerhouse, packed with a potent 24% concentration of 16 active ingredients, a result of years of dedicated research. Standout ingredients include antioxidant-laden Schisandra sphenanthera, saccharomyces cerevisiae (akin to yeast used in baking and brewing), and the restorative adenosine, which is also derived from yeast - and they are all augmented by biotechnology processes to enhance their potency and ensure full biocompatibility with the skin.

Orveda Omnipotent Concentrate

(Image credit: Orveda)

The background 

Forward-thinking entrepreneur, Nicolas Vu, and renowned beauty industry CEO, Sue Nabi, set out with a singular vision: to redefine the future of skincare, centering their efforts on extending youthfulness and in making innovative use of bio-technology through biofermentation, enzymatic catalysis, and plant cell culture, each contributing uniquely to their skincare philosophy. Orveda, their brainchild, is a culmination of these methodologies, embodying the fusion of cutting-edge science and skincare.

This biotech revolution in skincare isn't just about achieving unparalleled results without causing skin irritation, but it also heralds a new era of sustainability in beauty products. By leveraging these bio-technologies, Orveda not only pushes the boundaries of what skincare can achieve in terms of efficacy but also leads the way in eco-friendly and sustainable beauty practices. This dual focus on advanced skincare and environmental responsibility places Orveda at the forefront of the skin care industry's evolution.

 The process

Orveda is a powerful rejuvenator. It's ideal for those who've experimented with various products, brands, and treatments, potentially leading to skin inflammation or a compromised barrier. This relatively new brand is built on a philosophy of rejuvenating and replenishing the skin rather than abrasive resurfacing. Its formulations feature highly effective, skin-compatible active ingredients, including prebiotics to support the microbiome to work harmoniously with the skin rather than aggressively alter it.

The results 

The brand's commitment to scientific excellence is evident, particularly for its approach to addressing cellular senescence – the issue of ageing cells negatively influencing healthy ones. Orveda's research and thorough clinical trials surpass those of typical anti-ageing products, reflecting the brand's dedication to groundbreaking and effective skincare solutions.

Regular application of this product significantly diminishes major ageing indicators such as fine lines, lacklustre skin, and pigmentation. Dermatologically supervised clinical trials have demonstrated remarkable outcomes: brown spots reduced by 25%, redness decreased by 50%, radiance enhanced by 25%, and hydration improved by 65%. Additionally, consumers reported a 96% improvement in skin smoothness over time. This impressive performance is achieved with a keen focus on promoting skin health and longevity.

Orveda Omnipotent Concentrate

(Image credit: Orveda)

The verdict

I'm torn between the exceptional qualities of The Omnipotent Concentrate and one of my long-standing favourites, The Vital Sap. The latter gives me the most radiant, joyous, and luminous skin, which is probably why I think of Orveda as synonymous with "skin balancing." However, Orveda's collection, which is dedicated to respecting the microbiome and skin barrier, is flawless, with The Omnipotent Concentrate now possibly leading their lineup in my estimation, especially when considering that it streamlines the routine; this all-in-one product serves the purpose of a Vitamin C serum for morning brightness and retinol for evening rejuvenation. 

Debuting exclusively at Harrods Knightsbridge, immerse yourself in the world of the groundbreaking skincare brand, Orveda. Schedule a personalised skin consultation with their expert team or experience a signature facial at The Orveda Facial Suite in Harrods.

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