The beauty industry is (finally) waking up to cleaner beauty

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Game on!

Maybe it’s the David Attenborough effect that’s made marine pollution such a hot topic or the fact that from July, you’ll no longer find any beauty products containing microbeads on the shelves – either way, more of us are becoming mindful when it comes to what we’re using and whether it’s good for us and the environment.

But what qualifies as a ‘clean beauty’ product? Products that have been ethically sourced, that do not contain toxic ingredients, and have been made with the environment in mind are the good guys to look out for when you’re shopping haircare favourites like shampoos, conditioners and nourishing masques.

If you shop at a retailer or with a brand that’s totally committed to clean beauty, that’s certainly the easiest route. Holland & Barrett has never used microplastics within its products so was microbead-free long before it was fashionable.

The beauty brands they stock are transparent – meaning that every ingredient is listed so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin, hair and body.

Determined to clean up your bathroom shelfie? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite #CleanerBeauty haircare heroes to consider adding to your summer hair regime…

Get ahead

Prone to a dry scalp? Avoid chemical shampoos and add a nourishing scalp oil to your regime, such as Purepotions Skin Salvation Scalp Oil, £25, which uses calendula, hemp and borage oils.

Repair the damage

Give coloured or stressed hair an extra hit of hydration with Grounded Coconut and Lime Hair Mask, £12.50. It’s made with 100% natural oils and packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which are essential for gorgeous, healthy hair.

Go for bounce

Known for its wonderful antiseptic qualities, natural tea tree oil is blended with citrus oils that not only smell amazing but will make sure each strand of your hair is conditioned without feeling weighed down. Faith In Nature Conditioner Tea Tree Conditioner, £5.50 for 400ml, is one of the best budget options around.

Thicken up

Impatiently growing out your hair?  Stimulate its growth with Dr Organics Hemp Oil Rescue & Restore Organic Hair and Scalp Treatment, £14.99, which has had rave reviews.

Shine on

Adding a mirror-like gleam and a fresh wide-awake scent is easy when you’ve got a dynamic duo like Faith In Nature Seaweed and Citrus Shampoo and Conditioner, £5.49 each, to your hair arsenal. They blend the antioxidant qualities of wild harvested seaweed with aromatic lemon aromas and will leave your hair feeling fresher than ever.

Like our edit but not quite what you’re looking for? Head to Holland & Barrett and take your pick from more than 2,000 #CleanerBeauty products.

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