Charmed I’m sure

Searching for 'wear-it-everyday' jewellery? Introducing Enelle London...

We do love to earmark an up-and-coming brand at MC. And currently tickling our sartorial taste-buds is Enelle London, a newly launched jewellery range designed by fashion stylist Nina Lamb.

After 12 years working on photoshoots and styling models, Nina has the most trained of fashionable eyes to add the finishing touch to any outfit.

Inspired by travelling around India and Indonesia, she returned to London to launch a to-die-for range of charm necklaces, super-sized earrings and maxi pendants.

Enelle London

The type of jewellery that you never need (or want) to take off, the Calsade and Cricket earrings have already been spotted on Emma Thompson on her US promo tour of Nanny McPhee.

A sneaky at-work peek at Nina’s cute website comes highly recommended.


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