Gwyneth: My marriage has issues

Gwyneth Paltrow admits she’s just like the rest of us – but how?

Gwyneth Paltrow has assured us that, despite how it looks, she doesn’t lead a perfect life after all – even her marriage to Chris Martin has ‘issues’.

Giving a rare insight into her personal life – for which, she admits ‘He [Chris] is going to kill me!’ – Gwyneth revealed that her life has its hurdles, too.

Speaking to Life and Style magazine at the recent Bent on Learning gala, she said: ‘Nothing is as good as it looks. Life is complicated, and there are always issues to overcome.

‘Like yesterday, he went to Australia, and I came here – you have to accept that,’ she added.

The Two Lovers star also revealed that the couple’s focus on communication is what keeps their relationship strong.

‘We’re brutally honest with each other. Even if, God forbid, we weren’t together in 10 years or whatever, I think we’re like a family,’ she said.


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