Women Would Rather Give Up Sex Than Their Smartphone

Survey shows smartphone dependency among women worldwide

Woman using iPhone
Woman using iPhone
(Image credit: REX)

Survey shows smartphone dependency among women worldwide

US women would rather give up sex than go without their smartphone, a survey has revealed.

The research, undertaken by company AVG technologies, found 57 per cent of US women would rather be able to use their smartphone than have sex with their partner.

Four thousand women from the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Brazil were surveyed, and French women were found to be the least likely to give up sex in favour of their iPhone, with only 40 per cent saying they would do this.

The survey also found women are relying more on technology to manage romantic relationships, with 35 per cent worldwide saying they have cancelled a date after finding their social networking profiles.

Fifty per cent of women also said they would break up with their partner over the phone, while a quarter said they would end a relationship via text. Would you rather give up sex than your smartphone? Is ending a relationship over text acceptable? Let us know in the comments below!



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