Women aged 25-34 are the most stressed people in the UK

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  • Study finds two thirds of people suffer from stress every week

    Women aged between 25-34 are the most stressed people in the UK, a study by herbal remedy company Kalms has found.

    They blame the pressures of managing family, social and work lives for causing stress.

    Other causes include managing bills and finances, relationships and struggling to fit everything you need to do into a day.

    They also found two thirds of people suffer from stress every week, and the average person gets stressed 208 times.

    Women feel anxious five times a week whereas men feel anxious four times a week. Women say they find stress harder to cope with, being over-burdened eight or more times in a week.

    During times of intense stress, 43 per cent of women lose sleep and 41 per cent comfort eat.

    Stress leaves women feeling irritable, tense and tired and causes headaches and palpitations.

    Neil Shah, director of the Stress Management Society, said: ‘Women between the ages of 25 and 34 appear to be the most stressed.

    ‘At this age they are struggling to keep up with an ‘ideal lifestyle’ and struggling to fit more and more into their lives.

    ‘People should find ways to relax and regain control. Exercise and a healthy diet can help to manage these periods of elevated stress and anxiety. You should try to avoid stimulants such as technology or alcohol, particularly close to bedtime.

    Adding: ‘A good night’s sleep can really help reduce symptoms of stress, so ensure you have a good wind down routine in the evenings.’



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